Ichiban Java LLC was formed in 2017 to manage the intellectual property developed over the past five years by its founder, Charlie MacPherson.  Among Mr. MacPherson's  inventions is his April, 2016 US Patent 9,307,777 that allows for freshly brewed, premium coffee to be frozen and reheated with NO loss, or change of flavor.  Our technology elevates coffee to the same level of quality and convenience as that of wine.  


In addition to its issued US patent, Ichiban Java also has additional patents pending in the US and Canada. Ichiban's management is confident that licensees of its technology will have a defensible market niche for many years to come.  

Charlie MacPherson
Founder and CEO

Dr. Charlie MacPherson has Ph.D. in Chemistry with 20 years of industrial R&D experience and more than 20 patents granted to date.   Currently, Dr. MacPherson is a consultant to a Central Bank as a Scientific Advisor. In this role he has developed advanced anti-counterfeiting technology for banknotes.  He has held this position for the past 10 years. 

Peter Dragone

Peter has been an acting/consulting CFO for a number of start-ups in industries ranging from CPG, Health and Wellness, and SaaS.  Peter was a co-founder of Keurig, Inc., now the multi-billion dollar Keurig/Green Mountain Inc.  Before starting Keurig, Mr. Dragone was a senior financial/operational manager for Chiquita Brands International.